Find a way out of apartment 007

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Find a way out of apartment 007[edit | edit source]

You have been locked in Adam's Apartment.

To the left of the shelf you recently moved, there is a computer. Scan this to find out there is a control panel somewhere else in the apartment.

This control panel is in the kitchen. As you walk into the kitchen, turn around and the panel is on the doorway to your right. Scan this with EM Vision then open it to find a keypad.

If you did not find this before, in the left sliding door closet, there is a book, 1984. This is the code to the keypad. Enter the code and a table will appear in the middle of the room. This table has synchrozine on it that you can collect. Interact with the computer to read emails, see news, and access the door security. Open the Programs tab and select "Open Gate 2" command. The apartment door will open, allowing you to leave.