Chiron Incorporated

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Chiron Incorporated is an organization in the world of Observer.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"I might be a killer, a thief, and a scumbag. But at least I ain't a corporate official."
Final words of infamous gang leader David "Roach" Niklas, before his public execution

Chiron Incorporated is one of the world's largest corporations and the current governing body of The Fifth Polish Republic. It is presided by the Chairman and the National Board of Directors, acting as the executive and legislative powers respectively. The Chairman is elected by the Board every ten years, although the electors can opt to reelect, or impeach a Chairman via a unanimous vote. Lower tier of the organization is comprised of five departments: The Board of Internal Affairs, The Board of Culture and Information, The Board of Defense, The Board of Resources and the Board of Justice. Although the individual Boards are mutually independent, they are collectively subordinate to the National Board of Directors, as well as the presiding Chairman.